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personalised initial necklaces

Spell it out with initials

SPELL IT OUT WITH INITIALS Personalised initial necklaces – Choosing an unforgettable gift for a loved one – or yourself – from our personalised jewellery collection. Letter & Initials in classic gold or silver create a timeless look Personalised jewellery – Whether it’s high time for some “to me, from me” gifting or there’s a special birthday …

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Fine jewellery shop

Amulette: A Fine Jewellery Shop

Amulette: A Fine Jewellery Shop Who are Amulette? We are an independent fine jewellery shop specialising in unique designs. First launching online in 2014, with our boutique opening in April 2018. With our boutique based in the suburb of Teddington, our services include bespoke engagement rings, tailor-made commissions and repurposing old jewellery. Futhermore, we are …

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semi precious ring

The Mystifying Brilliance of Semi-Precious Gemstones in Jeweller

The Mystifying Brilliance of Gemstones in Rings Why jewellery with precious gemstones? Only four gemstones are, strictly speaking, considered, precious. Diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. However, this does not make any other gemstone any less valuable or beautiful! Semi-precious jewellery with gemstones such as tourmaline, amethyst and morganite can still dazzle just as well. For …

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Morganite Ring

Why Choose Pink Morganite for an Engagement Ring?

Pink Morganite, Emeralds Blushing Cousin Why Choose a Morganite engagement Ring? When you’re ready to pop the question, you may be worrying about ‘what ring should I get?’. It’s understandable if you may want to move away from a traditional diamond ring, to something unique. Perhaps you may not have considered it, but a pink …

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Floral Diamond Ring

Nature-inspired engagement rings

Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings. Nature-themed engagement rings for ‘The One’ Every relationship is different, and each couples journey is unique. With this in mind, you’ll probably want an engagement ring that’s inspired by your own relationship! In recent times, it’s fashionable to go for a less traditional ring. It could be said that it’s best to …

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amethyst rings

Amethyst – February’s Calming Birthstone

Amethyst – February’s Calming Birthstone The Birthstone of February and St. Valentine Amethyst, February’s birthstone, is a gorgeous light pink to purple gemstone. However, its colour can vary sometimes to even green, such as in our Rive cushion cut green amethyst ring. Often associated with pure love, Amethyst is the perfect gem for February & …

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january birthstone jewellery

Garnet, January’s Juicy Gemstone

Garnet, January Birthstone Jewellery Garnet, January’s Birthstone Gem This particularly pretty dazzling gemstone blesses those whose birthday falls in January. For those that don’t know I’m talking about the deep red garnet. This piece of January birthstone jewellery is most commonly red but can vary in colour and sometimes, albeit rarely, change colour according to …

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Unique Diamond Rings

Unique Diamond Rings: Something for Everyone!

Unique Diamond Rings: something for everyone! As unique as you are… Everyone is different and has different passions and tastes. So it’s understandable you’d want a ring that’s unique as you are! You could be getting married and in the process of choosing a unique diamond engagement ring. Alternatively, maybe you’re just looking for a …

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