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Blue Topaz Stone Protection Talisman Necklace


A sterling silver blue topaz stone protection talisman necklace with blue Baguette stone measuring 3cm by 2.5cm. Handmade from recycled sterling silver and comes suspended on an adjustable necklace chain.

Enshrined in sterling silver, this unique blue topaz stone protection talisman necklace serves as a sign of protection and invigoration, the shining baguette bedazzling and luminous beside its naturally-inspired frame.

This exquisite amulet can be an ideal choice to bring some blue brilliance to a wedding, a birthday, or as a token of luck for someone special.

For centuries, Talismans have served as a source of protection and good fortune; known as Amulets, Totems, and Good Luck Charms, they are worn to reflect not only a wearer's present state but also their futuristic aspirations.

The blue topaz stone protection talisman necklace simply adds a hint of blue, for weddings, birthdays, or a gift for someone who needs a little talisman good luck.

Unique and charming and ideal for layering silver necklace works effortlessly when paired with treasured charms.

Why We Love It
  1. Blue Topaz Pendant - 3cm by 2.5cm
  2. Made from recycled sterling silver
  3. Adjustable necklace chain 16 to 18 inches
  4. Handmade in the UK
  5. Blue Topaz baguette central stone
People & Planet

Our eco-friendly methods of crafting jewellery helps reduce the need for mining precious metals. Each piece is meticulously handmade by our small team using traditional jewellery techniques and conscious practices.

Our commitment to the environment can be seen in our use of plastic-free packaging and our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint. With our sustainable alternative, we are not just reducing the demand for precious metals, but also inspiring others to make conscious choices for a better future.

We understand that there is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are fully dedicated to an ethical jewellery practice which protects and support our precious world.


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