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Handmade Jewellery in the UK

Unusual Handmade Jewellery

Experience rough textures, one-of-a-kind motifs, and graceful curves in handmade jewellery.

Lisa Eley, award winning handmade designer jewellery, carefully creates ethically sourced designs that are both timeless and exquisitely contemporary. Conceived as a journey, these precious talismans are always our faithful companions.. Whether it's to celebrate life or honour a loved one, Lisa's creations are sustainably crafted with recycled silver, handpicked gemstones and diamonds, exuding a tasteful elegance that will be cherished and passed down for generations.

Unique And Unusual Luxury Jewellery | Handmade In Devon

Unique And Unusual Handcrafted Jewellery In Devon

Jewellery For The Soul

A well-chosen piece of handmade fine jewellery speaks to your soul, sings to your spirit and whispers comforts along life’s journey…

My World

Our latest adventures, unique and unusual luxury jewellery - Handmade In Devon

Unique Handmade Silver Rings

Handmade silver rings are a timeless piece of jewellery that have been crafted by artisans for centuries. The process of creating these intricate pieces involves a combination of skill, creativity,...

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Beautiful Silver Bangles For Women

contemporary handmade silver bangles and bracelets, are the perfect way to show your personal style and express your artistry. Handmade jewellery evokes a genuine feeling that a mass-manufactured piece cannot....

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Unusual Silver Cuff Bangles

When it comes to unusual silver cuff bangles, there is something undeniably captivating about the glimmer of silver. Its cool, metallic sheen has a way of catching the light and...

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Unique And Unusual Luxury Jewellery | Handmade In Devon

Discover the workshop and gallery located in the heart of Devon

Discover Lympstone, Devon with visit us for a workshop tour to see the jewellery-making process and explore our collections.

Crafting sterling silver and gold luxury handmade jewellery for 14 years, gaining UK recognition. Transitioning to goldsmiths, building a strong reputation at our flagship boutique Teddington.

Emerald engagement ring
lost wax jewellery
handmade wedding rings

Jewellery With A Soul

Sustainable Jewellery

Ethically created with recycled sterling silver and gold. My designs are inspired by the beauty of nature.

Our sterling silver and gold jewellery designs appeal to eco-conscious individuals seeking ethical jewellery options

Amulette's eco-conscious jewelry style - perfect for those valuing sustainability. Experience luxury with a focus on environmental care.

Welcome to Amulette Jewellery, where the art of jewellery meets the realm of enchantment. Our name, "Amulette," evokes a sense of mystery and allure, hinting at the extraordinary treasures that await you within our collection. We specialises in crafting unique, unusual, and handmade luxury jewellery that is designed to captivate and inspire.

Founded in 2023 by Designer Lisa Eley, our mission is to offer you a range of enchanting sustainable jewellery pieces that allow you to express your individuality and embrace the magic that lies within.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Each creation is sustainably handcrafted with recycled sterling silver and solid gold our designs are infused with mystical elements, which symbolise the beauty of nature and the power of transformation.

Drawing her inspiration from the natural world, including the untouched beauty of gemstones and the ever-changing scenery of the Devon landscape, Lisa Eley creates unique luxury jewellery designs crafted by expert UK goldsmiths. Each piece is carefully handmade in our workshop, ensuring exceptional quality and exclusivity.

Our unique jewellery collections ae carefully curated to offer you a selection of pieces that are as unique as you are. Whether you are seeking a statement necklace to command attention or a delicate bracelet to add a touch of elegance, Amulette Jewellery has the perfect piece to complement your style.

Indulge in the luxury of our handcrafted jewellery and let it become a talisman that accompanies you on your journey through life. Each piece is imbued with the essence of art, literature, and fashion, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and meaning.

Thank you for choosing Amulette Jewellery. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the magic that awaits.


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