Unique Jewellery With Meaning

Award winning jewellery designer Lisa Eley

Lisa Eley creates ethically handcrafted jewellery of unique modern heirlooms. Conceived as a journey, these precious talismans are always our faithful companions.. Whether it's to celebrate life or honour a loved one, Lisa's creations offer a timeless beauty to be cherished and passed down for generations.

Emerald Cut Gold Ring in 18ct Gold With Twig band
Handmade Designer Jewellery By Amulette UK
Designer Wedding Rings Handmade In The UK

Jewellery With A Soul

Hand Crafted In The UK

Fine Silver & Gold Jewellery, Ethically Made With Recycled Metals.

An Independent fine jewellers specialising in unique designs. Designer Lisa Eley first launching Amulette online in 2014 with her first boutique opening in April 2018.

A window into my world.

Jewellery For The Soul

A well-chosen piece of jewellery speaks to your soul, sings to your spirit and whispers comforts along life’s journey…

My World

Our latest adventures and jewellery collections

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