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Amulette creates nature inspired ethical jewellery for today's conscious consumer.

Our sustainable jewellery collections are designed and handcrafted using eco-friendly metals and packaging.

Handcrafted by our small team of jewellery artisans to create timeless designs with an ethical approach

sustainable jewellery

What is an ethical process in creating ?

Picking the right sustainable jewellery has the power to transform the look and feel of your entire outfit. These are the decisions that we usually consider, but how often do we stop to wonder about how our jewellery was made? – Where did the materials come from? Whose hands has it touched? What environment was it made in? Whose lives has it affected? How long was it made to last?

sustainable jewellery

What is Recycled Silver Jewellery?

Recycled silver that has been previously used. This could be in recycled silver or even technology such as cameras or phones. The silver is then repurposed, usually melted back down, and recast to create new products!

Despite its environmental benefits, only 18% of the world’s silver is recycled! Traditionally silver was mined, and this process is still used to acquire new metals from the Earth. However, this process releases lots of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be damaging to the planet. By utilising recycled silver, these CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced.

sustainable jewellery
sustainable jewellery
sustainable jewellery

The Benefits of using recycled silver jewellery

  • Durable – recycled sterling silver maintains its durability, making it a brilliant metal for your everyday jewellery, such as bracelets.
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions – without having to mine for new silver, CO2 emissions can be reduced a lot.
  • Protect Physical Environment – silver mining impacts the earth where it is sourced. This can lead to erosion, as well as the destruction of natural habitats that wildlife relies on. Recycling silver means this does not need to happen.
  • Reduce Waste – recycling silver from not only jewellery but electronics as well can help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.
  • High Quality – even though reused, recycled silver retains its high quality. Giving that classic illustrious sparkle that characterises the metal.
Recycled Gold Ring with green emerald

Is Recycled Gold Real Gold? 

Yes, recycled gold is real gold! Recycled gold has the same chemical composition and physical properties as newly mined gold. The only difference is the source of the gold. Recycled gold comes from previously used jewellery or industrial scraps whereas newly-mined gold is sourced from the ground.

While many jewellers elect to use a mix of newly-mixed and recycled gold jewellery in their pieces, a growing number of modern brands are seeking to only use recycled gold in their jewellery due to the sustainability and ethical sourcing implications! Recycled gold is real gold and just as high quality as newly-mined gold, and can be utilized in any application where gold is traditionally used.

Gold Ring Band
gold Moon Necklace
sustainable jewellery

Is recycled gold an ethical choice?

Yes, recycled gold is considered an ethical choice, and is highly regarded by customers looking to purchase sustainable jewellery! Recycling gold reduces unnecessary mining, which can have significant negative environmental and social impacts, such as deforestation, pollution, and exploitation of workers.

Recycled gold also avoids the use of toxic chemicals in the extraction process, which can cause harm to both people and wildlife in surrounding areas. Additionally, recycling gold helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources, as it repurposes materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators. Choosing recycled gold also supports sustainable and responsible mining practices, which prioritizes the well-being of local communities and ecosystems.

Amulette Jewellery

If you’re a consumer who cares about the environment, look no further. Sustainability jewellery is a core value of our studio. Our solid gold jewellery is made of 100% recycled gold, reducing unnecessary mining that can be unsafe and damaging to the environment. Because of this, your purchase not only supports fair labor practices but also helps conserve natural resources worldwide!

The process of recycling gold in the jewelry industry is not new – in fact, it’s a practice that’s believed to date back thousands of years, with evidence of gold being melted down and repurposed in various cultures throughout history. However, modern brands with a sustainability focus, like Amulette, are now prioritising the use of 100% recycled gold in their jewellery pieces, as opposed to a mix of recycled and newly mined gold. This shift towards using only recycled gold is a reflection of the growing awareness and commitment to sustainability in the jewellery industry, driven by environmentally-conscious consumers, like you!