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Mama Bear Jewellery The perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift For Mums

Our Mama Bear Jewellery has always been embedded in the Amulette jewellery brand. Our friendly bear logo and name shares a little about me. First of all, I love bears, always have always will. My admiration of all creatures great and small is endless, present in my jewellery designs I can think of nothing more joyful, than a long rambling walk with my trusted furry companion with sketch book in hand.

Gold Bear jewellery

Why are Grizzly's Important?

Grizzly bears play a vital role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. As apex predators, they help regulate the populations of other animals and control vegetation growth. Their feeding habits also contribute to the dispersal of seeds, which aids in the regeneration of forests. Additionally, grizzly bears are considered an indicator species, meaning their presence or absence can indicate the overall health of an ecosystem.

Jewellery brand With Bear Logo

Unleash Your Inner Strength 

Our signature bear pendant is 3cm by 8mm. Handmade from recycled sterling silver or gold with an adjustable necklace chain 16 to 18 inches.

Our bear charm may only be 3cm long, but she’s expertly made, so you’ll be able to marvel at her sumptuous fur, inquisitive face, and curled-up tail, all immortalised into solid sterling silver.

Our grizzly bear jewellery is for all Mama & Papa bears. This hand-carved bear symbolises your inner strength combined with a caring nature, bears are excellent parents and will do anything for their young.

Silver Bear Jewellery


Wearing a Mama Bear jewellery transforms you into a champion for these majestic beings, promoting awareness of their significance in our delicate ecosystems. Embrace the cause and create an impact with Mama Bear Jewellery!


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