Lisa Eley is at her most comfortable with the beauty of the natural world and the ever-changing seasons. A mother of 3 and animal fanatic Lisa is the talented, award-winning designer behind the unique and eclectic range of jewellery that makes up the Amulette jewellery range today. 

From the very beginning, Lisa wanted Amulette to reflect the wearer’s personality, their mood, and allow them an opportunity to create their own unique pieces of jewellery. Incorporating jewellery with a meaning from the ancient amulet to healing gemstones.

Lisa believes jewellery should be personal, embodied in a time, place or a memory, bringing an emotional connection for years to come.

Handmade using a sustainable jewellery approach with our stones, both antique and modern, being sourced through trusted suppliers who abide by the Kimberley Process and guarantee their stones to be conflict-free.

Amulette jewellery was launched as an online jewellery brand in 2014, before opening their first shop in the heart of Teddington, in April 2019.